Implicit Biases May Cause

Implicit Biases May Cause

Answer each question in 150 words using only the sources provided 

1. Based on the Prejudice lectures, let’s assume most people have implicit biases (for example being implicitly biased against someone of a certain race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc.).  Beyond the legal system and the workplace, what are some other areas of our lives in which implicit biases may cause problems?  What might this bias look like in those situations and how could this problem be resolved? 

2. In reference to the PowerPoint, Fiske and Taylor in 1991, found that people think more about people than any other subject. However, it was also mentioned that we do not like to think because it requires energy and effort. To tie into the lessons in the previous weeks is the natural urge to compare ourselves to other driven by how frequently we think of other people? Why would we spend some much time thinking about other people to the point of comparison if we don’t even like to think?

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