Including Mostly White Men

Including Mostly White Men

  • Please read answer all questions below. >Read Horace Miner’s “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” which describes a particular people and their views and behaviors related to their body.
  • Read Harris India’s Sacred Cow, Think of an example of a religious belief or custom that may have economic, health, or other practical benefits. 
  • Read the chapter on Socialization from the Openstax Introduction to Sociology textbook which describes the theories of self-development, why socialization matters, agents of socialization, and socialization across the life course.Through socialization we learn the norms and values of our society. Post an image of a book, film, or TV show that you loved as a child. What did this cultural artifact teach you about the norms and values of your society? For example, what messages does the book or film contain regarding the norms around gender roles and family and other relationships? What does it say about social expectations and what is acceptable or not? What does it say about success or failure? Do you still agree with/follow those norms and values today? Why or why not? Post the image and your thoughts.
  • Please do an observation of people outdoors related to mask wearing. Specifically, spend twenty minutes outdoors or indoors looking out and observe who is wearing a facemask for Corona and who is not. Try to note the age, sex, race, religion, economic status, and other social characteristics of the people.  Also look for how people interact with each other related to mask wearing. For example, do people with masks tend to avoid others who are not wearing masks? How do people negotiate these social interactions? Are they friendly about it or are they rude or hostile?  Tell us what time of day or night you did your observation, what neighborhood did you do it in, and where were you sitting or standing when you did it.  Just describe what you saw in A LOT of detail. After you have finished your observation, consider what norms you observed outdoors. Do you suspect these are norms that are context specific (only during Corona) or relate to broader social patterns that exist beyond Corona? Explain.
  • After reading Durkheim’s take on crime, do you think employers should have the right to drug test their employees? Do you think employees that take a drug test that proves positive should be fired from their jobs, even if they were performing ok on the job? Explain your answers and relate them to Durkheim’s take on crime. 

Play the officer’s dilemma available at the following 

  • This is a space for you to reflect on your experience playing the Police Officer’s Dilemma game. 
  •  Briefly describe the results you got. What is the game testing and why do you think you got the results that you did? In order to make students most comfortable expressing their thoughts, only the professor can see what you write for this post.
  • Milgram’s original study was done in the
  •  1960s and including mostly white men. Do you think the outcome would be different if this experiment was conducted today? Would it be different if it included women or people of color? Explain your answers.  
  • This is a brief interview with Susannah Cahalan, whose book The Great Pretender, raises some serious issues concerning Rosenhan’s research methods. Nonetheless, as Cahalan notes, the Rosenhan study is still worth learning and thinking about.  Think of an example of a behavior that would be considered completely appropriate for one setting but totally outrageous and even deviant in another.

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