Introduction To Counseling Writing

  Answer each question below. (If anywhere in your writing is quoted from online, it’ s okay, but please write it in red, I will modify it later)

  1. Interview someone who has a job as a helper that interests you. This can be a paid or volunteer job.  Discuss the following and write down a summary of each response: What motivated the person to work in that field?  What aspects of the job do they enjoy and not enjoy?  Would they choose this job again?  Why or why not?  What do they find the most challenging about the job?  What kinds of activities do they do to avoid burn-out?  After interviewing this person, do you think you would enjoy this job?  Why or why not?( 500-700 words)
  2. Do you have any interest in being a counselor?  Discuss your reasons for choosing or not choosing this profession. ( 300-400 words)
  3. What kind of a helper will you be?  Describe a setting (counseling or not) in which you plan to work as a helper (it can be volunteer work).  Using at least 2 of the theoretical approaches in chapters 7, 8, and 9 of Nystul, discuss your approach to helping others in the setting that you choose.  Name one ethical challenge might you face in this setting and discuss how you might resolve it.( 500-700 words)


1. Essay #1 and #3 are each a minimum of 500 words of text.No title page or reference page is necessary.  Essay #2 minimum of 300 words. No title page or reference page is necessary.

2. Paper is double spaced; 12 point (or larger) Times New Roman (or similar) with standard margins and double spaced, follows APA formatting.

3. Paper is well-organized, headings/subheadings are used so all information is easily found and flows smoothly.

4. Paper does not have grammatical mistakes. Paper does not have spelling errors.   The paper should also not contain content from any other paper you have written.5. I post  chapters 7, 8, and 9 of Nystul, make sure you read it before writing question 3 .

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