Irresistible Resistor ” Https

Irresistible Resistor ” Https

Assignment 1: The Irresistible Resistor

Refer to the Unit 4 Case Study, “The Case of the Irresistible Resistor.”

One of the key decisions an instructional leader has to make, when considering a change presented, is how to move forward when considering implementation. Resistance to change can be found in every setting, from a variety of team members and planning for it is key to moving forward if the change is good for students.

Consider the research you have read, key principles of resistance, and how leadership theorists would deal with resistance to change and your own experiences as you review the Case Study.

Address these questions as you complete your assignment:

  1. How will you proceed in taking charge and implementing your plan?
  2. On whom will you rely on?
  3. How will you work with both the positive and negative resistance that you might receive?
  4. What methods can you use to convert resistance into agents of change?
  5. If you are experiencing resistance to the proposed change, how will you help to turn the conversation to a better way to approach the issue?
  6. If you are proposing change, and you encounter resistance, how can you react to make sure that the best course is taking, and not just your plan?
  7. As you plan activities to have the team together, what process and/or procedures will you use to build a team that moves towards a collaborative decision-making process?

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