Job Responsibility Includes Chart

Job Responsibility Includes Chart


  1. **In addition to including all information outlined below, be sure to also include accompanying “Notes” either within the PowerPoint or attached word document which further explain each slide. This way, you can minimize the text on each slide to focus on the main points.**

    REMEMBER: In addition to your assignment, you do need to submit the full PDF Grammarly report (which should contain your paper) showing 5% or less plagiarism in order to get credit for assignments in this course. Screenshots are NOT accepted – you must have the full downloaded PDF report. For assistance with setting up a Grammarly account and attaching the report, please refer to the announcement on Blackboard from week one this quarter.

 2. Scenario
As a manager on a medical surgical unit, part of the job responsibility includes chart audits.
A trend noted during the most recent audit was the overuse of the term “dementia.” The nurse manager notes that there may be a lack of understanding between the types dementia as related to neurological diseases.
The nurse manager developed a survey to evaluate the staff’s understanding of the different types of dementia. As a result of the survey, you have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation to increase the nurse’s awareness of the types of dementia a presentation was created.
Do  a focused presentation on Parkinson’s Dementia

  • The presentation should include the following:
  • Diagnostics: laboratory and imaging assessment
  • Planning and implementation
  • Interprofessional Collaborative Care

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