Knowledge Review Covers Concepts

Knowledge Review Covers Concepts

The Knowledge Review covers concepts from Weeks 1-4.

** Please respond to each question with a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 300 words.

** Please include a minimum of four academic resources. These sources should be cited in APA format.

1.   Describe 3 reasons psychology can be described as both a science and non-science.

2.   Discuss Aristotle’s views on emotions. Identify 3 ways that Aristotle’s views on emotions influence the practice of psychology today.

3.   Summarize Descartes’s view of the mind–body relationship. Identify 3 ways that Descartes’ view of the mind-body relationship influences the practice of psychology today.

4.   Explain the concept of empiricism. What was it in other philosophies that the empiricists opposed most? Identify 3 ways that empiricism is evident in the practice of psychology today.

5.   Discuss behaviorism. Identify 3 ways that behaviorism influences the practice of psychology today.

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