500 words

  1. Identify a specific ethical issue in human services practice. Examples include mandated group attendance and client social media requests. Look to your lesson content for ideas.
  2. Write a story (i.e. case study) about a fictitious scenario where this ethical issue arises. Be sure to fully explore the details with information about who, what, where, when, why, how, etc. The main character should be the human services professional who is faced with this situation.

Use the 8-Step Ethical Decision-making Model to work through the situation

  1. What is the problem or dilemma? Describe in clear, detailed terms.
  2. What are the potential issues involved? Refer to principles and other course concepts.
  3. What ethical code sections pertain to this situation? (ACA, NASW, AAMFT)
  4. Do any laws or regulations apply to the situation? (as best you can tell)
  5. What guidance/advice might a supervisor or consultant give about this?
  6. List all of the possible decisions and/or actions the human services professional could take in the situation. What are all the potential paths?
  7. For each possible decision/action, identify the outcome. What would happen?
  8. Out of these, select one outcome that you think best demonstrates sound ethical reasoning. Explain your reasoning.

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