Lancaster Also Shared Three

Lancaster Also Shared Three

 Please see the video below and comment on the tips and advice the speaker shares on beginning a speech. 

 Be sure to post your comments and reply to two of your classmates 

Comments : 

1- In the video that I just saw about Mr. Simon Lancaster is a conversation and at the same time you see a form of advice on how to start a speech correctly. We see how in each process he shows us how to start from the correctly a joke, a speech or how to ask or answer hundreds of questions to the audience, while we are doing this type of communication we are seeing the process of seeing how the spectators are showing us the necessary attention that we want to capture from them as we go speaking and communicating with the public that in each word we are showing them with feelings. When we give such a speech we must always take into account and think about the moment we are doing it, expressing ourselves clearly and being clear and direct about the issues so that at some point the public understands clearly and without any doubt. In the video he mentions some tricks which we can use to have the public concentrated, such as the cortisol, which is the drug against extremes that is more present for when a question is asked and leaves the public thinking about how it ends or how it happened or what follows. In what determines me, he gave a great speech in which based on that we got more knowledge about what we should do and learn how to be a better speech 

2-  In this TED Talk, ” How to start a Speech”, Mr. Simon Lancaster talks about different ways to effectively deliver a speech. He covers ways to start a speech such as starting with a story, a joke, or even asking the audience questions. By using these methods it is said that you capture the audience’s attention. You can connect with audience by expressing feelings in your speech, You have to be clear when speaking out in public so everyone can understand you. Mr. Lancaster also shared three drugs you can use to keep your audience “high” being Dopamine when you tell a joke, Oxytocin to get the crowd feeling warm and fuzzy , and last one being Cortisol which is the stress drug which is more when you ask questions and /or leave the audience up in the air, thinking “what’s next ? “what happens”, etc. Overall Mr. Lancaster delivered a great speech. 

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