Later Thanthe Visual Analysis

Later Thanthe Visual Analysis

For this Writer’s Notebook, construct an outline for your next essay by following these instructions.Take a moment to look ahead to the directions for the visual analysis essay. You are being asked to write an extended visual analysis. Take a little while to browse the images in the Gordon Parks Foundation Archive (link below) and choose one that will be the subject of your essay. You may choose any image except for “Daily Prayer.” After you have chosen an image, take some time to brainstorm and generate ideas about your topic. You may choose any of the invention strategies discussed in Unit 1 to use with the strategies discussed in the visual rhetoric lessons in this unit.Once you have generated some ideas, begin thinking about ways to tie them together. Try devising a thesis statement that makes a claim about the image you have chosen. Next, think about how to organize your ideas into a coherent essay. Use the outline template provided here to help guide you in constructing an outline for your essay.When you are finished, you should have a working thesis statement and a detailed outline for this major essay. Post that outline here no later than

The visual analysis essay is your second major assignment in the course

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