Learned Regarding Researching New

Learned Regarding Researching New

Instructional Method Research AssignmentStart Assignment

At this point, you have completed research on an instructional method (BLENDED LEARNING)  to implement in your classroom.  For this assignment, you will discuss your findings and the accompanying implications.  You will also include your decision to follow through with implementing the instructional method. You must cite evidence from your articles that support your decision.  The closing paragraph is a reflection of what you have learned regarding researching new ideas or concepts to improve your instructional methods.  

The following headings are required:

Brief Description of Instructional Method (minimum one paragraph)

Summary of the Articles that Support the Instructional Method (maximum of two paragraphs)

Summary of the Articles that do not Support the Instructional Method (maximum of two paragraphs)

Decision Regarding Implementation of Instructional Method (minimum of two paragraphs)

How This Assignment has Improved my Research Capabilities to Improve Student Achievement in my Classroom (minimum one paragraph)

You must check your TURITIN plagiarism level to ensure the level is BELOW 15%.  Once you upload your assignment, check the plagiarism level.  If it is above 15% you must revise the assignment and resubmit prior to the deadline.  The instructor will not allow you to revise the assignment due to a high level of plagiarism after the due date of the assignment.

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