Learning Moral Lessons

Learning Moral Lessons


250 words. 

1. Introduce yourselves to your classmates. Give your name and any other information you wish to share, such as major, where you live, why you are taking this class, etc. 

2. Tell whether you have ever taken an online class before. If you have not, what are your expectations? If you have, give your classmates advice about how to be successful in an online class. If you were an on-campus student who moved to online instruction in March 2020 (whether in high school or college), what did you learn about yourself as a student?

3. After completing your reading assignment for this week (Thinking about values and learning moral lessons from stories) , explain what you thought the study of ethics was and whether the reading changed your mind about what ethics is. What do you see that is going on in our world right now that brings up ethical issues? (This is not a place to convert people to your side; it is a place to ask questions and look at difficult issues). 

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