Least 2 Current Newspaper

Least 2 Current Newspaper

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a specific organization in depth, making use of the theories and concepts from required readings to demonstrate your comprehension of course materials. 


  1. Select an organization with which you are familiar or which you would like to examine. The organization could be a non-governmental organization, a government agency, a for-profit or a non-profit firm, etc.
  2. Find and read at least 2 current newspaper articles and 2 peer-reviewed journal articles about the organization you will be studying (and/or companies in the same industry as the one you are studying if there are no articles available on your specific organization).
  3. Write a 2-4 page paper that includes:
    1. Background/history and interesting facts about the organization
    2. Explains your rationale for choosing this organization
    3. Integrates course materials and your 4 sources to support your points.

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