Least 8 – 10

Least 8 – 10

Length and References
The Literature Review must be at least 8–10 pages full and complete pages of original
discussion and narrative in length, excluding the title page, abstract, and references, that utilizes
at least 9 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals published within the past five years and
available within the Liberty University library databases, plus the Bible. References may not
come from websites, blogs, newspapers, books, textbooks, dictionaries, conference proceedings,
magazines, dissertations or theses. Strict conformance to current APA standards must be
provided for in-text citations, references, headings, grammar, spelling and mechanics.

General Format and Sequence
The Literature Review must contain the following required elements:
 Title page
 Abstract
 Introduction: A comprehensive, scholarly introduction to the Literature Review including
a clear thesis statement supported by in-text citations. A Level 1 heading is required.
 Content/Main Body: A comprehensive, scholarly review of the 9 articles and the Bible,
organized under Level 1 headings and supported by in-text citations, including but not
limited to the following: the theoretical models and/or conceptual models used in the
article; the research methodology used in the article and a description of the sample size
and/or demographics; the research findings and conclusions reported in the article.
 Conclusion: A comprehensive, scholarly conclusion of the Literature Review, supported
by in-text citations. A Level 1 heading is required.
 References
Each of the 9 references plus the Bible must be discussed and correctly cited in the narrative. 

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