Least Five Concise Sentences

Least Five Concise Sentences


As you begin writing/rewriting Chapter 4, you will be sharing a shortened version of the sections of the manuscript to gain peer-to-peer feedback. Using the “DPI Project Manuscript Template” from the DC Network, address each area with at least five concise sentences or one paragraph for each section. Spelling and grammar will be reviewed and graded. Note: When you write the chapters, adhere to the Final Manuscript Formatting requirements.

Results – Write a summary of Chapter 4.

  1. The Results section provides a concise summary of the outcome of the clinical question(s) in the project. Briefly restate the clinical question, the data analysis performed, and the statistical results of the analysis. Describe how you will summarize the data.
  2. How will you separate factual information in the data from your observations?

Provide a graphic or table of the results

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