Link Called “ English

Link Called “ English


Endangered Biomes Assignment

This assignment is due May 30 th by 11:59 pm.

1) Choose an endangered ecosystem you want to learn more about.

Start with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (INUCN), Endangered Ecosystems page.

Here’s a link to the page that describes how they determine which systems are threatened and how they apply their rating system.

Please read the page before continuing.

Make sure you understand the classification system.  You should pick an ecosystem from VU all the way up to CO.  The page explains what these abbreviations mean.

Now go to the Endangered Ecosystems Assessments page at:

There is a map with the ecosystems that they have already did assessments for. You can choose one of these.  Click on the colored pin to get more information about the ecosystem.  If you scroll to the bottom of the text box that opens, most will have a link called “English” that takes you to a more in depth document.  You can also scroll below the map and find a list of the ecosystems with links to documents.

2) Using the information on this site and from other credible sources if needed, please answer the following questions about the system you chose.

Please keep you answers brief.  One page and no more than 1.5 should be enough.

a) What is the name of the system and what type of general type of biome is it?

b) What region of the world is it in?

c) How big is it?

d) What is the climate?

e) What are the dominant organisms?  You can keep it general.  You don’t have to report long list of species names.

f) What are the major human-caused factors that have a negative impact on the ecosystem?

g) Are there any actions being taken to reverse the decline?  If so, briefly describe one.’


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