Literature Review • Introduction

Literature Review • Introduction

Topic: Recent Advances of Hydrogen Storage and Energy For the literature review, you need to do the following things: 

1) Choose 10 or more papers that focuses on the advances of hydrogen storage materials. Videos can be used for resources as well. To access journals, look through the Google Scholars, and Google “open access journals, for quantum chemistry” 

2) Write a 5 to 10-page literature review on the history and the theory/ concepts of hydrogen energy and the different types of hydrogen storage and applications of hydrogen. 

3) At the end of the paper, be sure to include your perspective on the information that you have gathered for hydrogen storage and hydrogen energy overall. 

4) The paper is due on the last day of class at 12 midnight.

5) Proposed organization of literature review • Introduction • Hydrogen Energy • Hydrogen Storage • Applications of Hydrogen Applications • Conclusion/ Your Perspective of Hydrogen Energy overall • References Cited (using ACS format).

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