Lives Without Traveling Long

Lives Without Traveling Long

Social Support

Bruce Crudup



            Social Support          

            Social support is a vital tool for helping people cope with the challenges and pressures of the modern world. Social support integrates being loved, supported, and appreciated by people we care about. They can be colleagues, family, or friends. They are the people with whom we share the happiness and sadness in life (Cornelison, 2021). However, the quality of support one expects from relationships is based on the time and resources one is willing to invest. Just as a healthy body demands a good diet and regular exercise, a good relationship demands regular communication and supporting each other during days of turmoil. Although the modern world demands independence, social support is essential for over-health and ensures stress and depression are fought. Psychological health is a great catalyst for countering loneliness and mental illnesses.            The strategies people use to provide social support vary from culture to culture due to the limitations of technology and the traditional roles people have. In today’s world, social media has been instrumental as it allows long-distance video calls, and people can update their loved ones about their lives without traveling long distances. Although the human element is important through face-to-face interactions, social media reduces feelings of loneliness and gives people something to look forward to (Cornelison, 2021). Emotional support through social media is difficult but better than nothing. It will improve motivation for people to face their problems and, at the same time, bring people closer. Friends and family require periodic appreciation and love. Therefore, picking up the phone and calling people you have been missing is not optional. Loved ones should be cherished now to prevent regrets when they are no longer in the world.            Tangible social support is one of the most difficult types of social support as it might demand resources to be availed to those in need. Responsibilities such as school fees can be difficult for people to manage; therefore, when a person comes to the rescue, people will feel appreciated and will likely come to our rescue in the future. It can be taken as a form of social investment. However, every kind of action should not be for selfish reasons. Misrepresenting acts of social support can lead to conflicts in the future if the same support is not provided. Informational support is common today as it can help people solve complex problems (Cornelison, 2021). For example, when a child is entering college, an accomplished professor in the family can direct them to better career decisions. It is social support that can change lives and be appreciated for years to come.            Appraiser support is common when we are going through a tough time, such as bereavement or losing a job. Encouraging people through a hard time might seem like a simple action. However, the effects it can have on a person might be astronomical. Therefore, it should not be taken in vain to send a word of condolences or say, “sorry, it will be okay.” The action will raise self-esteem and lead to the rejuvenation of strength to persevere. Actions such as angry criticism and undermining people can damage relationships in the long run. Therefore, a father or mother should watch the words they use when lecturing their children to prevent long-term damage. Social support is all about being kind, loving, and understanding despite the limitations and poor judgment people are prone to.           

            The process of putting social support into action can begin with making a list of family and friends. After which, check on the people that you are likely to offer social support even when it is inconvenient for you. The people that a person can drop everything for are the people that make up the social support network. Therefore, it is important to make an honest list to ensure all resources and time are shared with the right people. During times of trouble, most people can feel betrayed when they don’t get the support they deserve. Therefore, social support can begin with a simple call or text message appreciating those that we believe are our friends, family, and close colleagues. In the long run, stability, love, and growth will be achieved in the community.


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