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This is a 28-minute video about a comedian who set out to manipulate people into thinking he had invented an amazing new product. One week shut in a room with an internet connection to make it happen.

He did it.

Pretty incredible tribute to his marketing and advertising savvy 

What legacy media did he target to promote his product? How did he make them believe it was real?

https://time.com/5443732/vaev-tissue-cold-flu/ (Links to an external site.)

Can you believe the legacy media fell for it?

Which of the seven secrets that Ralph Hanson lists in your textbook does this apply to? Explain why.

How can we as consumers keep from being fooled by marketing pushes like this?

What kind of advertising was the most effective in getting the word out about the Vaev tissue?

What else could he have done to promote his product and what audience should he have tried to appeal to?

If you had seen this product advertised, would you have believed it to be real? What steps would you have taken to figure it out?

Answer these questions and discuss any more observations you have about this product and the marketing of it. This happened prior to the pandemic, so in my opinion, consumers today would probably be more wary of something like this. But you never know.

Your report should be a minimum of 400 words. Please cite any sources you reference.

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