“ Local Environmental Grassroots

“ Local Environmental Grassroots

Use this week’s readings to write about how environmental trends are influenced by collective action.


Required Readings and Videos:

Mihaylov, Nikolay L, and Douglas D Perkins. 2015. “Local environmental grassroots activism: contributions from environmental psychology, sociology and politics.” Behavioral sciences (Basel, Switzerland) vol. 5,1 121-53. 23 Mar. 2015

Norgaard, K. People Want to Protect Themselves a Little Bit: Emotions, Denial, and Social Movement Nonparticipation 

Salazar, Debra J. 1996. “The Mainstream-Grassroots Divide in the Environmental Movement: Environmental Groups in Washington State.” Social Science Quarterly 77, no. 3 (1996): 626-43. 

Film: The Human Element

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