Making Popular Among Canadian

Making Popular Among Canadian

fill the outline attached 

and I will attach 1 example of outline 

and article is attached 

if u don’t understand the instructions u can open the outline u have to fill 

u have to fill in following things in outline 

the subject is      socialization 

population is          children 

location is         social media 


   Situate your topic – ex. make a general statement about your topic that grabs the reader’s interest, or use a quote or statistic (hook)

·       Explain why and how you thought about pursuing your topic

·        Ask a research question to focus your paper. What do you want to find out from your research? You may or may not include this question in your paper. (ex. Why is blanket-making popular among Canadian First Nations women?)

·       After doing some research, answer your research question. Give three reasons why understanding your topic is important to Canadian society. (ex. As an important First Nations cultural art form, blanket making is a means of cultural transmission that builds community and reaffirms identity.) This is your thesis.

Literature Review


Discuss other research related to your topic, including:

·       References to at least 3 research studies from peer-reviewed journals

·       What is interesting about these studies and what do they tell you about your topic?

·       What theoretical perspectives do these studies use?

·       Including the theoretical perspectives from the articles, and those you learned in the course, choose a theoretical perspective to help you analyze your topic. You will discuss this in the Discussion section.


·       Explain three major findings from the research in detail.

(in the final paper write at least one paragraph for each part.)

·       Show graphs or charts that summarize the most interesting or important research you have found. Explain what they show about your topic.

·       How do your results answer your research questions?

Discussion and Counterargument

·       How well were you able to support your argument with research?

·       Were there any factors that could have affected what you found?

·       Are there any other explanations/ counterarguments about your topic?

·       Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?



·       Did you have any problems researching your topic (ex. not enough information, information difficult to understand)?

·       Can you suggest any additional areas for research or any improvements to the studies you looked at?


·       Summarize your findings about the three main components of your topic

·       Does your research point to any conclusions?

·       Does your data suggest any directions that you would like to pursue within your topic?

·       Are there other topics related to your research that should be pursued?

·       Remind your reader: Why and to whom is your topic important?


5-8 references, APA style throughout, including the 3 studies mentioned above

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