Mental Diseases

Mental Diseases



Draw a genogram. You may use your family or a patient’s family (from clinical). You may draw a genogram and scan the document into the discussion or create a genogram in Word and attach the file. No APA citations are required for the genogram. *Attached is a sample.

-Describe your genogram. For example, this is a nuclear or extended family, the role of the members, mental diseases…

-How can you use a genogram to develop a care plan for a patient with a psychiatric condition. *(can be schizophrenia that is hereditary, depression, anxiety, bipolar, or any other).

 Your post will be checked in Turnitin for plagiarism. Responses should be a minimum of 250 words, scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced.  A minimum of 2 references are required (other than your text).   

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