Mental Health Affect College

Mental Health Affect College

The research paper requires students to use presented research methods to produce a paper that addresses a relevant social problem with research support. Examples of social problems, as introduced in any chapter of the text, are racism, sexism, poverty, crime, violence, urban decay, increasing globalization, and international conflict. As this is not an exhaustive list, students can identify additional issues (i.e., racial profiling, gang violence, bullying) as long as it is approved by the instructor and supported by current research. Once identified, students are to prepare a 15 page paper of the issue and should include scholarly research sources to support their explanation/description. The paper includes: a title page, Introduction, statement of the problem, hypothesis & theory, methodology section inclusive of the analytical model. The final paper will conclude with a conclusions section and reference section in APA format. Once the paper has been approved the student will design an approved research poster that is to be used for the presentation period during the final presentation period as outlined in the course schedule above. Students must submit both the research paper typed and the poster to receive full credit for this assignment.

my topic is the how do the use cannabis affect a college student vs how does mental health affect college students. 

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