Methods Target Population

Methods Target Population

I need a PowerPoint put together by 10am on April 7th. I will attach all documents and the requirements for the PowerPoint.

Here the guidelines for your HPP Presentation.  
This is a PowerPoint Presentation
Required Components for your presentation include the following:
Slide 1- Name, Course Name, HPP Name
Slide 2 and 3- Define the problem with supportive data and stats
Slide 4- The effect the problem has on health status on the human body (physiologically, mentality)
Slides 5-7- Literature Review. The top 3 peer-reviewed references on your topic. Discuss their findings and impact
Slide 8- Needs Assessment (methods)- Target Population and why they were chosen, community link and effect on community
Slide 9- Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives
Slide 10- Health Model- discus why it was selected
Slide 11- Method of Implementation/Intervention
Slide 12- Expected Outcome, how it will be evaluated
Slide 13- Final Conclusion and discussion on the project as a whole 

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