Might Need Going Forward

Might Need Going Forward

  • be sure you are completing all the project requirements (3-5 pages, minimum of 5 sources, appropriate formatting and citations).
  • Think about the report as an organized, academic piece of writing. You will include sources you have found through your initial research, which should be referenced in the citation style you’ll use (with instructor approval if not APA or MLA) — this includes both the bibliographic page and any in-text notations or citations.

Consider the questions below and respond as a first step to developing your Research Planning Report. Responding to these prompts will help you think about which information you’ll include in the Report. Write a response of 300-400 words, using the prompts below to guide you.

  1. What is the specific topic you will explore ? Be as detailed as possible and include any subtopics you might explore. Provide a summary and brief review of your topic, complete with information about the significance of this topic and the purpose of communicating about it.
  2. What question are you following to guide and organize your research? What have you discovered so far and what else do you want to discover about your topic?
  3. Who is your anticipated audience? Why would the research you’re going to write about matter to your anticipated audience? Are there any secondary audiences that might also be interested in parts of or all of this information? What about this topic might appeal to these audiences and why?
  4. What information have you found (so far) from your sources, and how effectively do those sources support your topic? Do you have one or more key ideas you think you might want to feature in your essay, and what are they if so? Explain in detail. What other sources do you think you might need going forward? What evidence can you use to support ideas, and what ideas are you still developing based on your ongoing research?
  5. What kinds of research will you look at in addition to what you have already found? Where will you search for additional sources — in other words, which types of sources will you continue to find and what means will you use to find them? Which ideas need more scholarly research support? Which popular sources might you search for? Where are the gaps in your research that you want to fill in? Provide as much detail as possible to explain.
  6. Put simply, explain what you have done so far and what else do you need to consider doing in order to move toward finalizing your research planning and transitioning into your research essay.

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