Ms Common Core Curriculum

Ms Common Core Curriculum

Instructional Unit Assignment

 USE THE TEMPLATE ATTACHED!!! Develop a five-day (three-day for undergraduate) instructional unit for students with Intellectual Disability.  Include objectives in Functional Academics (language arts, spelling, reading), Life Skills, Functional Math, and Functional Science.  You may include social studies but it is not required for this project since it is not a required assessment item on state testing.  Choose elementary, middle, or high school activities.  The unit should cover a one-week period (five days) and should include a checklist of skills that will be mastered, an instructional bulletin board, task analysis, remedial activities, enrichment activities, assessments, reference page, association with MS Common Core Curriculum or Alternative Assessment Framework (list beside each objective/skill) and worksheets, description of activities.   DLM Essential Elements may be used for objectives. (100 points)

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