Name Three Communicable Disease

Name Three Communicable Disease


For up to four extra credit points on your midterm, watch the video “The Virus: What Went Wrong.

In a one page, single-spaced Word document, address the following:

  • Name three communicable disease control methods that were used or attempted to be used. Some of these were identified in the class lecture, and others were not. You can discuss methods that were not discussed in the lecture. How successful were they?
  • What ‘went wrong’? Identify a minimum of three things that went wrong and discuss.
  • What recommendations (a minimum of two) would you make to policymakers to avert a wide-scale pandemic like this in the future? Your recommendations should be supported with at least one credible source (do not use any popular media/news sources, such as CNN, Fox News, NYT, Washington Post, etc). You should use either a scholarly source or a source from a leading health agency.

Due DateSep 11, 2022 11:59 PM 

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