Names Herethe Due Date

Names Herethe Due Date

Persuasive Speech Outline – PUT YOUR NAMES HERE

The due date for this assignment is 7/20 before 11:59 PM. DOC/PDF FILES ONLY! Since you’re making a lot of this up, please try to be as creative as possible! This is a sales pitch, you’re welcome to sell an item (can be existent or non existent) or a service by answering the questions below.

As always, you must still submit an outline to be eligible to record your speech. Please refer to the example outlines and recording on Blackboard for any help. Additionally, remember the crazier claims, the better your outlines are, and the more you have fun with the outline the more convincing your recording will be.

Part I: MINIMUM 100 WORDS! Introduce the item(s): This is where you have to do your homework and know your item(s). You should know what it is, how it works, and a little bit of why it was invented in the first place. This DOES NOT mean to give me 2 minutes of the history of paper towels for example, keep this short and simple, try to keep it under a minute or a little over a minute tops. *Note for a few in the class: If you are marketing art or music, give background about yourself as an artist, what inspires you to produce your work, when did you find out you had your talent(s)

Part II: MINIMUM 100 WORDS! Why do I need this? Do I really need it? Does this make my life any easier? How does it benefit me as a consumer? This is where you have to be compelling, charismatic, persuasive, and most of all convincing. You should be able to answer some if not all of these questions. For example once again, you need paper towels because they’re more sanitary than using the dirty old same rags over and over again. They save money because you don’t have to waste time and money on washing the same rags over and over again. Try to include a relatable personal anecdote here. What makes salespeople compelling and relatable is they’ll always try to tell you a story of how their wife or family member uses the product they’re trying to sell. This should be the bulk of the presentation, this is what it’s all about. *Note for a few in the class: If you’re marketing a product you produce you can mention how family/friends love your drawings or music and that it always makes them feel a certain way.

Part III: MINIMUM 100 WORDS! Fake a sale: Introduce a price for your item/service. Explain why it’s the value you set. Then… Slash the price and make me a sale offer I can’t turn down. Maybe even include something for free, free installation if your product needs to be installed, free service, extended warranty, whatever!  (Infomercials do this all the time where they say call in the next 10 minutes and we’ll give you so and so) *Note for a few in the class: If you’re marketing a product you produce you can offer lessons on how to draw, play guitar, etc. You can offer autographs, blank canvases, etc. whatever! Be creative.)

Part IV: MINIMUM 50 WORDS! Conclude: Thank the audience for their time and ask them if they have any questions. It may also be a good idea to reiterate something important about your item here.

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