New Social Movement Ultimately

New Social Movement Ultimately

Based on what you have learned in this course, how would you consider a few of the standard dimensions of analyzing social movements such as leadership, ideology, strategy & tactics, and social base in the evaluation of the success of a long-standing cause (ex. environmental movement) and newer movements (ex. Save the Dolphins). Compare/contrast 2 social movements of your choice. They may or may not be the same type (environment). They can be any two – one long standing, one new.

Save the Environment – In 1962, one woman, Rachel Carson wrote a book that sparked a movement that changed the world. Silent Spring was the catalyst for today’s environmental movement. (Links to an external site.)

Save the Dolphins – In 2009, The Cove won the Oscar for best documentary. Ric O’Barry’s leadership for this new social movement ultimately changed the Sea World program and many others.!/TheCove?v=wall

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