News Assignmentthe Biology Concepts

News Assignmentthe Biology Concepts

Biology in the News Assignment

The biology concepts presented in this course encourage you to make the connection between textbook biology and biology that appears in newspapers, periodicals, and the Internet. This Biology in the News (BITN) assignment enables you to focus on the connection between the textbook and the world you live in and to recognize how science and technology influence and contribute to modern culture. 

Select an article from a recent newspaper, periodical, or the Internet which correlates with the content of one or more concepts of instruction covered in the course. Select an article that is written for the general public. Avoid scientific publications.

Choose an article that is:

·       related to content presented in a lesson.

·       of appropriate length, not just an announcement and not ten pages.

·       less than three months old.

·       From current news, not encyclopedic reference.

·       Written for the general public, not a scholarly scientific publication. 

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