Norm Referencedretrieved Fromhttps

Norm Referencedretrieved Fromhttps

Objective Test Items

Compare and contrast different types of objective test items. For this Discussion, you will limit your objective item types to multiple-choice, true/false or alternative response, and matching. You are to describe a learning situation where you would use each of these objective test items. For each type of objective test item, provide the following:

  1. The unit objective or learning target(s) being assessed.
  2. The type of objective test item you might use.
  3. Why you elected to use that type of objective test item.

Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Tests

For this part of the Discussion, your task is to watch the following videos.

First Video: Criterion vs Norm Referenced Assessment: Evaluation and Examples

Retrieved from

Second Video: Criterion and Norm Referenced

Retrieved from

After viewing the two videos, respond to these prompts within the Discussion Board:

1) Discuss three differences between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests.

2) Discuss an advantage and a disadvantage of each type of assessment.

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