Nucleic Acids

Nucleic Acids

For this assignment, you will complete a graphic organizer. Download the PDF document entitled that is attached to this assignment. This organizer is a fillable pdf that you can type directly into. You will use this to answer questions about atoms, chemical bonds, the properties of water, and the four classes of macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids). 

Submission of the assignment

During completion of the assignment in WORD, please type answers in blue bold to help distinguish your answers from the questions. Grading for this assignment is based on the completion and accuracy of your responses. To submit the assignment, save the completed WORD document on your computer. Upload it as a WORD (.docx) document to the assignment folder titled “Cell Chemistry.” If you are using a MAC submit a PDF since a PAGES document will not be viewable. Only WORD or PDFs can earn assignment points.

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