Objectives Create Medical Correspondence

Objectives Create Medical Correspondence

Medical correspondence is highly structured. The correspondence is a process of sharing medical-related information. Both the receiver and the sender have a document that holds more legality than the spoken word through these means. These written or typed messages may pass essential and private information from doctor to patient, between doctors, or between facilities and insurance companies. 

Assignment Instructions

Write an official referral to any specialist. You can select any of the four basic letter styles ( see textbook pg 17-26 for examples).

The letter has to include at least one of each of the following :

  • subject noun
  • proper noun
  • common noun
  • direct object noun
  • object of a preposition
  • appositive
  • predicate noun

Make sure you include the following in the format of your letter:

  • address
  • salutation
  • closing

You can write your letter using any word processing program and upload the file to the assignment.


  1.   Create medical correspondence applying learned concepts
  2.   Explore new vocabulary related to healthcare.


  •   Communication

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