Original Argument Presented

Original Argument Presented

 You must identify what the counterarguments are, and then follow up with rebuttals. Please note, the rebuttal should not merely be a re-hashing of the original argument presented in the source. Instead, the rebuttal(s) should be focused on refuting the counterargument(s). Finally, be mindful that you are not making a value judgment on if the claims, counterarguments, rebuttals are good or bad. 


  • Identify which speech you read. 
  • What is the author’s claim(s)? 
  • Who is the audience for this speech?
  • What is the tone, purpose, and voice of the speech? 
  • What are possible counterarguments to the author’s claim(s)? (There may be more than one. List as many as you can think of.)
  • What are possible rebuttals to the counterarguments you listed above?

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