Paper Requirements Free Speech

Paper Requirements Free Speech

Paper requirements free speech 5 pages total (15 pts.) Includes a cover page, three pages of writing minimum, work cited page Use MLA style to cite references in your three pages of writing DOCUMENTARY; Shouting Fire documentary

Rubric: Cover page (1) Internal citations (1) Work cited page (1) Specific examples, evidence, reasons (1-7) Content: 1P Summarize the Shouting Fire documentary (1) 2P What is an example of symbolic speech referred to in the documentary? Is it protected by the First Amendment? According to what Supreme Court Case? Utilize the Elianna Spitzer article. (3) 3P How is the documentary related to free speech. (2) 4P Why is freedom of expression sometimes restricted (2) 5P Why is free speech an ethical issue? A legal issue? (2)

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