Past Ten Years

Past Ten Years

Annotated Bibliography


Complete research in professional literature on a topic (COTEACHING) on learning disabilities that will be assigned by the instructor.  Student will be assigned only one topic.  Topics are assigned by student last name.  Each reference review (in the annotated bibliography format) should be one typed page in length.  Follow the example given in the module.  No foreign journals.  Wikipedia is NOT a professional reference.  Double-spaced, 8.5 X 11-inch margin, 12-inch font, APA style format.  Use a minimum of 5 references;  must be current WITHIN THE PAST TEN YEARS and must be from books, articles, and other reference material published and written on education in the U.S. 

Students should select a variety of references, focused on teaching strategies, accommodations, assessment, characteristics and diagnosis, medical aspects, parenting, transition, lesson plans, differentiated instruction FOR THE DISABILITY ASSIGNED.  

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