Peer Reviewed Early Childhood

Peer Reviewed Early Childhood

     -3 Temperament Profiles

  • Explain characteristics of the three temperament profiles.
    • You may use your textbook, chapter 3 PowerPoint, lesson resources, and/or your own outside resources (must be peer reviewed journal articles).
  • Self – Identification
    • Use the temperament rating scale to rate yourself for each of the nine temperament traits
    • Once you have rated your temperament traits, review the characteristics of the three temperament styles and choose the one that best describes your profile.
      • Are you Easy, Slow to Warm or Difficult?
      • Why?
    • Goodness of Fit
      • Identify strategies that would ensure a Goodness of Fit with children of various temperament styles (refer to the Temperament Tool and Guide pgs. 4-12).
        • Use the table below. It includes trait levels of a hypothetical child.
        • Begin by adding in your own temperament trait levels.
      • Complete the chart by identifying strategies you can use to support the child (refer to the Temperament Tool and Guide pgs. 4-12).
        • You are welcome to find strategies from outside resources, but the resources must be peer reviewed Early Childhood journal articles. Do not use blogs, commercial websites or sources that are not credible in the field of early childhood education.
      • Reflections
        • How will this information help you as a current or future early childhood educator?

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