Peers Using Bold Print

Peers Using Bold Print

Post with a minimum of 250 words, must contain at least (2) professional references, cited correctly in the current APA format. Ask 2 provocative questions to prompt online discussion with your peers using bold print at the end of your discussion.

Discussion Topic

Identify an area of clinical practice interest in the adult population.

  1. Consider a research study that they might conduct with this population.
  2. Name the independent variable (IV) (i.e., intervention) and the dependent variable (DV) (i.e., effect of the intervention).
  3. Identify extraneous variables. How would they control for those extraneous variables? Identify potential threats to internal validity.
  4. Identify potential threats to external validity. How would they control for each type of potential threat?
  5. What time dimension for data collection will they use?

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