People Live Exceptionally Long

People Live Exceptionally Long

Please answer each of the following questions using complete sentences/in paragraph form. You may use your class notes for reference, however, answers must be provided in your own words and demonstrate an understanding of the concepts being assessed. If external sources are used, references must be provided. Material taken verbatim from the class notes or the internet will be given a grade of “0”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Extensions will not be permitted except in exceptional circumstances with medical documentation.

1. Food choices are the result of a complex negotiation between three different factors – Identity, convenience, and sense of responsibility. Explain how each of these factors influences food choices. 

2. Foodways within a culture or a society naturally change and evolve over time. Discuss some of the ways that foodways can change and some of the factors that contribute to change 

3. There are places in the world, known as Blue Zones where people live exceptionally long lives with low disease rates. Describe some of the diet and lifestyle characteristics that these societies share in common. 

4. Describe the ways in which workers (farm, food service, etc.) are often exploited within the food production and service industries 

5. Discuss the impact of colonization on Indigenous foodways and food security. 

6. Kinship, gender, ethnicity and social class make up some of the most important parts of our social identities. Describe how each of these factors influences the food that we eat 

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