Personal Issue ” Video

Personal Issue ” Video

Context:  An internship might convert into full-time employment (in which case, you might think of your internship as a 10-month job interview).  You don’t prove yourself by getting the internship; you prove yourself by how you perform!  The internship might also provide a critical opportunity to learn what you are good at and what you want in a full-time job, or just as critically, what you don’t want.  Regardless of whether your internship is offering you a position or is even a place you want to work, you need to leave this opportunity with a strong recommendation, a more robust portfolio, and an expanded network.  

Post:  (Due date on syllabus)

  1. Examine three of the assigned resources from the list below.  Begin with  PowerPoint: Starting Strong on Your Internship. Make sure to read the speaker notes! Then, choose two of the following texts to read/watch:
  2. Create an initial discussion post in which you answer the following questions, referring to at least one specific source in your post.  All sources should be integrated following APA guidelines.
    • What is one challenge facing interns generally (or you specifically) that can impact successful performance? Why do you think interns struggle with this specific challenge?  How are you working to avoid or overcome this problem and be as successful as possible in your internship? (Please be specific in sharing your strategy).

Response: (Due date on the syllabus)

  1. Read your classmates’ initial discussion posts. Choose one post that resonates with you.  
  2. Respond to your chosen post. In your response, answer the following questions:
    • Why does the challenge raised in this post resonate with you?  Have you experienced similar issues?
    • How do the resources you have explored speak about this challenge or suggest methods to overcome it? Please refer to at least one specific source and discuss the connection.
    • What do you think about the writer’s approach to managing this internship challenge and performing successfully at their internship?  What additional advice would you offer this writer?

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