Powerpoint Https 1Drv

Powerpoint Https 1Drv

I am not the expert on all bands/artists in rock ‘n roll. I will not pretend to be. I know my students probably know more about various styles of rock much better than I will ever know it. That is why this activity is perfect!

Choose an artist/band to present. Create 3 PowerPoint slides, or some other kind of presentation, to introduce your band to your peers.

Slide #1 – background on the band (history of band, members in it, acclaim & criticism, etc.). Slide #2 – album cover (perhaps get it from www.Amazon.com or www.cduniverse.com (Opens in a new tab. To close the tab with your keyboard press Ctrl+w, or Ctrl+F4)). Slide #3 – give us a short listening example. (Step-By-Step Instructions for Inserting Sound Files into PowerPoint 


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