Primarily Contrasting Two Things

Primarily Contrasting Two Things

After choosing a topic, You will need to apply the block or point-by-point outline method to your chosen topic. Keep in mind that for this assignment, you will do one or the other. (You may want to review the list of comparison or contrast prompts Download list of comparison or contrast prompts. If you have an idea that is not on this list, please feel free to use it. However, make sure your choice is subjective or argumentative.) Remember that you will be primarily contrasting two things that most people may consider similar, or you will compare two things most people think are different.

Complete your outline using the block or the point-by-point method on an MSWord document and attach it below.  (I recommend that you review the . from last week to understand the difference between the two.) Both are effective methods for organizing, so choose one that you think works best for you.v

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