To go along with this assignment, I would normally have us to a privilege walk in class, where we line up and step forward or back, the people in the front of the line are more ‘privileged’ while the people further back are ‘less’ privileged. Because we could not complete the exercise in class, please watch the videos and take the Buzz Feed survey to see how ‘privileged’ you are.  After that, please answer the questions below. Please answer the questions below after watching the videos and taking the survey.  There is no additional readings to complete for this assignment, just your thoughts.


Should the United States be a color-blind nation (ex. “I don’t see race”)?


“Many Americans believe that people can be successful if they work hard and have a strong work ethic”, How does the concept of privilege relate to this statement?


Some people think, “I have not discriminated against anyone before” or “Slavery and Jim Crow segregation happened a long time go.” Why should we have a conversation about how privilege affects us?

What does “White privilege” mean to you? “Based on your experiences, finish this statement: Being White lets you ____________.”


“We have a lot to learn about each other’s, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability status, etc. Share at least one positive thing or misconception about what your (choose one: race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability status, etc.) means to you and what you want others to know.”


Link to survey:

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