Psychological Studies Better Represent

Psychological Studies Better Represent

Watch Limits of Scientific Psychology (16 min. 12 sec.) [or read the Video Transcript]

Read Chapter 1, p. 5 (I have uploaded it)

Read Chapter 4, p. 127 (I have uploaded it)

Respond to all the questions in 175+ words (total for all 3 items).

  1. What could researchers do differently to make sure that psychological studies better represent you and the entire population? Answer according to Video: Limits of Scientific Psychology
  2. What do you consider to be the key traits and characteristics of your personality? (Ch. 1, p. 5) 
  3. Would Jung describe your attitude as more introverted or extraverted? Explain. (Ch. 4, p. 127) *How you answer this question will reveal if you actually read the designated textbook section.

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