Questions Changed Since

Questions Changed Since

Topic 1: Creating Your Classroom Management Plan and Reflecting on the Course0

In this course, you have reviewed numerous models of classroom management. Use these models to share the rules, consequences and rewards, procedures, strategies for motivating learners, and strategies for building a positive learning environment for your classroom.

Classroom Management Plan

List the following:

  1. Rules (only 4–5)
  2. Consequences & Rewards
  3. Procedures

Discuss your strategies for addressing the following in your classroom:

  1. Motivating all diverse learners.
  2. Building a positive learning environment.

State and discuss the models or theories of classroom management that you used to inform your classroom management plan.

After you have posted your classroom management plan, please respond to your classmates and give them feedback and suggestions on their plans — what else might they do? Are there additional issues they could plan for or should have considered? Do you see some ideas that you might incorporate into your own plan?

Course Reflection

Reflect back on your initial response about classroom management in your introduction post.

  1. How do you define classroom management now after completing this course?
  2. What are the areas of classroom management that you now find most challenging after completing this course?
  3. How have your responses to these questions changed since the beginning of the course?
  4. How can you use the details learned in this course to inform your classroom management practices in your classroom?

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