Read And Answer Questions

Q1: Review the file ‘Q1’, study titled “Breast cancer incidence highest in the range of one species of house mouse, Mus domesticus”. Then answer the questions below.


A. Discuss the design aspect of this study.

a. What is the name of the design?

b. Describe the design of the study.

c. Explain the exposures and the outcomes?

d. At what level they collected the exposures and the outcomes?

e. How did they collect the study?


(you don’t need to speak about static analysis, objectives, or results for this question, just speak about the design of the study)


Hence: The name of this study is Ecological study.


B. Explain the findings as presented in tables 2 & 3.



C. What are the possible biases and confounders in this study?



Q2: Review the file ‘Q2’, the letter to the editor titled “Reproductive factors are crucial in the etiology of breast cancer” and the authors reply to the letter.


A. Discuss the role of reproductive factors in the etiology of breast cancer taking into consideration the letter and the authors reply.




B. Based on the finding of this study and the letter to the editor, do you agree with the conclusion of the study: “If the higher incidence of HBC in lands of M. domesticus reflects oncogenic MTV zoonosis, then this raises the real possibility of reducing breast cancer incidence by the development of an MMTV vaccine”?



Q3: You have been asked to investigate the potential association between vitamin D and Covid-19 mortality. Discuss how a study could be designed to address this issue using:



A. Cohort study



B. Case-control study



C. Ecological study

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