Real Review Paper Would

Real Review Paper Would



What is antimicrobial resistance?  Illustrate with at least 3 different pathogens (e.g. MRSA, MDR-TB, etc.) that are currently showing high level of resistance to the antimicrobial therapies.   What human practices/behaviors are leading to increase in antimicrobial resistance and what can we do to alleviate the problem? 

The essay will be graded based on overall impression. I expect a good essay to be about 1000 words (2 pages, single spacing).     Content will count for 70/100 and 30/100 will be awarded based on presentation (style, phrasing, organization, originality, clear sentence structures, grammar, spellings, etc.)  For instance, a good essay should contain an introduction, clear paragraph divisions, some of your own opinion and discussion of the situation, a conclusion at the end, and correct citations of references. Try to cite at least 5 reference sources for your essay (a real review paper would probably contain at least 30 references).  Please try to cite peer-review journal sources whenever possible.  

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