Really Almost Anything Works

Really Almost Anything Works

speech of self disclouse r speech

Please be sure to answer the following sections in full sentences. (NO DASHES AND A WORD NEXT TO IT) An outline does not mean exactly what you’re going to say so please do not feel the need to put exact quotes and write an essay here. Most sections should be brief and only two to three sentences. However, make sure the body is detailed, a minimum of a couple of paragraphs is necessary. This is not a long speech with a lot of details, therefore, there is no minimum word count, except for part two.

You MUST submit an outline to me for presentation approval. If you do NOT have approval, you can NOT present any of your speeches for credit.

Please follow the format of the outlines exactly, do not take things out or move sections. Please leave the labels/indicators in place, they help me grade. DO NOT submit an essay word for word of your speech, that will get you a zero.

Your self disclosure outlines have to be about yourself. You may speak about your hobbies, interests, goals, failures, fears, likes, dislikes, future plans after graduation, vacations, etc. Really almost anything works as long as it is personal. You can even discuss your COVID-19 pandemic experiences. Try to keep it PG-13, meaning… and yes this has happened in past outline submissions which is why I’m including this here *I don’t want to hear about your party habits, sex lives, and or drug use, (unless it entails overcoming addiction and this is something you’d like to share) etc.

Your name & preferred email address:

Your introduction (The first thing out of your mouth when you start speaking)

Your thesis: (The main point of what your speech is about in 2-3 sentences)

Body: (Your body should include your main topic which is you and whatever you want to say about yourself and sub points about that main topic. Make sure you use full sentences and include a lot of detail in here.) There is no limit to how many sub points you can have but at least two are necessary.

Conclusion: (How are you wrapping all of this up, bringing it together, and what’s the last thing you’re going to say)

Part two: Minimum 100 words: Why did you pick this specific part of yourself to speak about, and what was the thought process that went into it?

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