Reflection Start Assignmentthematic Unit

Reflection Start Assignmentthematic Unit

Lesson Plan Portfolio Checkpoint 5: Reflection Start Assignment

Thematic Unit Reflection

Teacher reflection is important because it is a process that assists teachers in collecting, recording, and analyzing the activities and learning experiences they plan as part of the early childhood curriculum. This kind of self-awareness and reflection is a powerful tool that promotes teacher growth and improvement.

For this section of your portfolio, you will respond to the following questions regarding lesson planning and writing. Each response should be one page, but no more than 2 pages in length. Students are expected to reference the text and should include APA citations throughout theirresponse and provide full references for any other books/articles/websites used.

    1. What were areas of comfort and strength when working on the activity plans? Activity Plans-Lanugage & Literacy Activity Plan, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Development (Fine Motor) Activity Plans.
    2. What were areas of discomfort, confusion, or challenges encountered when creating and/or revising activity plans?
    3. What did you learn about yourself and activity planning as you reflected on instructor and peer feedback?

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