Research Current Trends

Research Current Trends

Topic: Pay-for-Performance

You are a lead teacher of a high school that just received an award for being a top distinguished school from your state. Several teachers approach you about the possibility of getting a pay increase for all of their hard work. You tell the teachers that you will certainly see what you can do, but you know the budget is set for the upcoming year. The next day, you receive a call from a school board member that wants you to explore and give them a better understanding of performance pay in schools, with the intent of moving forward with a plan for performance/merit pay. 

You know as an educational leader that this topic is one that certainly needs further review. Your school board is struggling with the pay-for-performance issue. As with many boards, several members are from the private sector where pay is usually tied to performance. The teacher’s union also questions the move based on concerns about how pay levels will be determined. You have been chosen to give a short presentation on the topic. Your audience will be teachers, community members, the school board, and the superintendent. 

Consider how you will discuss the issue. Research current trends in pay-for-performance, merit pay, and career ladders. As you respond to this discussion, answer the following questions:

  1. What implications do these have for the future of educators?
  2. What are the implications for student achievement?
  3. What would be the implications for your school’s budget?
  4. What are the pros/cons of pay-for-performance?

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