Research Proposal Critique Handout

Research Proposal Critique Handout

Assignment 1

Please review this sample  Research Proposal  Download Research Proposaland complete the Research Proposal Critique Handout  Download Research Proposal Critique Handoutanswering the questions outlined below:

Things to consider when writing your review:

The proposal must identify all risks (physical, psychological, financial, social, other) connected to the proposed procedures, indicate clearly how such risks to participants are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits, describe methods to protect or minimize such risks, and access their likely effectiveness.

Special attention is given to written informed consent, assent, and letters to participants.

Reviewers need to note if safeguards are in place to protect the rights of the participants and that the safeguards are sufficient. If they are either not in place or deemed insufficient, what suggestions does the reviewer have for the researcher to protect the participants?

The primary items for review of the proposal by students include descriptions of participants, setting, instrumentation, testing procedures, intervention, and study administration. Procedures for data collection, data storage, and data analysis to protect human subjects are also carefully reviewed.

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